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4x3D Rubber

Time:2019-12-11 15:33:14
Product parameters


The frame plate liners for XN-AHR series pumps have replaceable wear-resistant rubber liners. The impellers are made of natural rubber liners. It has nearly the same constructure with XN-AH.

Model Explanation

XN: Shijiazhuang Xuenuo Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd
R: Rubber lined 
4: Intake diameter (inch)
3: Discharge size (inch) 
D: Frame type with maximum power


The type of XN-AHR pumps are also using for handing strong abrasive, high density slurries and low density, high head slurries in the metallurgical, mining, coal, power, building material and other industrial departments etc. It is suitable for the corrosive slurry usually. In some ore dressing, some bigger XN-AHR series pump also would be used to transport the fine ore or tailings with weak abrasion.